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Testo Super Resolution option
Testo Super Resolution optionTesto Super Resolution is an optional extra available for all Testo thermal cameras and is designed to enhance the resolution and number of thermal measurements made by your camera.
Testo 865
Testo 865A user-friendly camera which boasts extremely powerful thermal imaging compared to other cameras in its price bracket. Point-and-click simplicity is backed up bya 120 x 160 pixel thermal sensor and measurement range of -20˚C to 280˚C.

Ex Demo Testo 875-1 with SuperResolution
Ex Demo Testo 875-1 with SuperResolutionThe Testo 875-1 is a user-friendly, entry-level thermal camera with impressive thermal measurement and imaging capabilities. Ex-demo cameras are provided with a 12-month warranty and are thoroughly checked beforehand.
Testo 868
Testo 868The Testo 868 has wireless connectivity which allows remote communication with a smart device which has the Testo Thermography App installed. This allows the user to instantly make copies of thermal images and video taken via the 160 x 120 pixel thermal sensor.

Testo 871
Testo 871A sophisticated thermal camera that provides the user with extremely detailed thermal imaging via its 240 x 180 pixel thermal sensor, the Testo 871 also has several useful smart functions including Bluetooth and WLAN wireless communication with other instruments and smart devices.

Testo 875-1i
Testo 875-1iThe Testo 875-1i has a range of features and benefits including an improved thermal sensitivity, an inbuilt digital camera with laser pointer and an extended temperature range. Complete with 160 x 120 resolution this is an ideal camera for heating and plumbing engineers.
Testo 872
Testo 872The Testo 872 has a 320 x 240 pixel thermal sensor which gives detailed thermal images over a range of -30˚C to 650˚C with accuracy of ±2%/±2˚C and thermal sensitivity of 60mK. Wireless communication, automatic emissivity adjustment and a rugged design make this an excellent professional camera.

Testo 875-2i
Testo 875-2iThe Testo 875-2i has a range of improved features including: Thermal sensitivity 50mK, image refresh rate 33Hz, laser pointer and increased temperature range -20°C to 350°C.
Testo 875-2i Thermal Camera Kit
Testo 875-2i Thermal Camera KitThe Testo 875-2i Professional Kit includes: The acclaimed Testo 875-2i, Telephoto Lens 9°x7°, additional battery, Sun Shield, Lens protector & Fast battery charger!
Testo 882
Testo 882High resolution 320 x 240 pixel thermal camera ideal for quickly spotting weaknesses and anomalies. Complete with high sensitivity for detecting the smaller temperature differences required in HVAC applications.
Testo 885-2
Testo 885-2The Testo 855-2 has excellent thermal capabilities which are ideal for performing inspections on electrical and mechanical installations. In particular, the 320 x 240 pixel sensor has thermal sensitivity of 30mK.
Testo 885-2 Thermography Kit
Testo 885-2 Thermography KitThe Testo 885-2 Thermography Kit contains an extremely powerful thermal camera with 320 x 240 pixel resolution plus a wide angle 30˚ x 23˚ lens and an 11˚ x 9˚ telephoto lens.