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We stock a huge range of Thermal Cameras and cater for all budgets. We offer impartial advice on choosing an Infrared Camera that is suited to your requirements.

We offer a number of thermal imaging cameras for hire including the Flir i7 and Flir E60 for predictive maintenance, building inspections and electrical surveys.

Huge discounts available off all of our ex-demo, second hand & refurbished stock. All Ex demo thermal cameras come with 12 months warranty

We provide expert advice & training allowing you to learn the basics of IR thermography theory, thermal camera operation and how to use infrared analysis.

Adding accessories to your thermal imaging unit allows you to protect your camera and have multiple set-ups that allow you to adapt to different applications.

We recommend getting your Thermal imaging camera calibrated annually to ensure that your camera is still testing within parameters set by the manufacturer

Thermal Imaging Camera Applications

Thermal Imaging Cameras offer the ideal tool for performing predictive maintenance within electrical, mechanical and industrial applications.

IR cameras allow thermographers performing building inspections to diagnose problems with moisture & insulation and assess energy losses.

Thermal Imaging Cameras and ITC Infrared Training Courses

InfraRed Camera Suppliers

We are UK suppliers and specialists in thermal imaging cameras, thermal analysis software and ITC infrared training courses. We stock high quality thermal imaging equipment from top manufacturers, including FLIR, and pride ourselves on providing expert advice and top quality customer service. Whether you are a predictive maintenance specialist requiring an infrared camera for performing electrical, mechanical and industrial surveys or you are an infrared consultant after a non-invasive means of inspecting building diagnostics, we have the perfect IR camera for you.

We offer thermal inspection cameras with simple point and shoot operation as well as more advanced professional level thermal imagers with a high pixel resolution, accurate thermal sensitivity and extended analysis features. Whatever your thermal inspection requirements we have the experts on hand to find the right camera for you.

Here are the Flir Systems Infrared models we supply:

C Series: FLIR C2
E Series: FLIR E4, FLIR E6, FLIR E8
E(bx) Series: FLIR E50, FLIR E60FLIR E50bx, FLIR E60bx
T Series:  FLIR T250, T365, T425,
T400(bx) Series: Flir T440, Flir T440bx, Flir T460
T600(bx) Series: Flir T640, Flir T640bx, Flir T660
TG Series: TG165

We also supply a variety of Flir Camera Cases and replacement Flir Camera batteries

Here are the Testo Thermal Cameras we supply:

Testo 875-1i
Testo 875-2i
Testo 875-2i Professional Thermal Kit 
Testo 882

Infrared Camera Training Courses

We also facilitate ITC training courses that offer a range of thermography, application and thermography software courses allowing you to gain certification to become a qualified thermographer. Learn about infrared physics, camera technology and thermographic applications through classroom exercises, field studies, discussions and hands-on operation. We can offer you the following training courses Level 1 ITC Thermography Course, Level 2 ITC Thermography Training and Level 3 ITC Thermograhy Courses.

IR Camera Hire

We also have a range of Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras for hire models like the Flir i5, Flir i7, Flir E40 and the professional Flir E60.

Also called: "Temperature Cameras, IR cameras, thermal imagers, Infrared Imagers, multiple spot pyrometers and "Temperature Guns"  

Electrical, Mechanical and Industrial Thermal Surveys

Thermal Cameras have become a powerful and valuable predictive maintenance tool for monitoring electrical and mechanical installations, allowing potentially hazardous and costly faults to be quickly identified and corrected. One particular advantage of using an Infrared Camera is the ability to perform electrical inspections while systems are under load. Suitable for both high and low voltage installations, thermal imaging can spot a multitude of failures including corroded connections, internal fuse damage, circuit breaker faults and overheated connections. In terms of a mechanical survey, thermal imaging cameras have the ability to monitor moving components in motors and are ideal for detecting overloaded pumps, hot bearings, blockages or leaks in pipes and valves and internal winding issues. IR cameras such as the FLIR i-Series and E-Series are the perfect solution for demanding industrial applications, providing thermal images complete with accurate temperature data and vital information regarding the conditions of electrical & mechanical components.

Building, HVAC and Solar Panel Infrared Inspections

Infrared Cameras provide a fantastic non-invasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings to quickly detect energy waste. A thermal imaging camera allows infrared consultants and energy auditors to check energy efficiency, detect poor insulation & air leaks, find moisture, locate thermal bridges and discover electrical faults. An added benefit of performing IR inspections in and around buildings is testing the efficiency of solar panels to ensure long life and a high return on investment. Thermal Inspection Cameras such as the FLIR Ebx-Series and T600bx-Series are ideal for thoroughly scanning a building and providing high resolution images complete with accurate temperature data. We have available a number of thermal cameras perfectly suited to building and HVAC applications, equipped with camera lenses capable of wider fields of view and analysis tools specific to the building industry such as dew-point and insulation alarms.

Veterinary and Equestrian Thermal Analysis

Thermal Inspection Cameras are also useful in veterinary and equestrian applications. Infrared cameras such as the FLIR P-series and T-series can be used to help diagnose health issues in small animals, assess whether zoo animals require anaesthetics before treatment and Olympic riders have used thermal imagers to spot clinical problems in horses early on so as to prevent serious injury. Research has shown that subtle temperature differences picked up by a thermal camera can provide an early indication of anomalies with soft tissue, tendons and joints. The high accuracy and non-invasive nature of thermal inspections mean that the stress level of the animal is kept to a minimum, allowing vets and thermal professionals to quickly diagnose and treat any identified injuries.