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Here at we specialise in the sale and distribution of high quality thermal imaging cameras for a range of different applications and markets. We stock cameras from top manufacturers including FLIR for predictive maintenance, electrical and mechanical component investigations, building inspections and R&D. They are the ideal tool for non-destructive testing, enabling the user to instantly visualise performance and provide a full thermographic overview of the area under observation. We stock cameras to suit your individual requirements and can offer expert advice to help you decide which is best for you.

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FLIR E50A feature full thermal inspection camera with improved 240 x 180 (43200) pixel resolution & 0.05°C sensitivity for more accurate temperature data. The FLIR E50 also boasts Bluetooth connectivity and MeterLink for the wireless transfer of images and electrical data to create inspection reports.

FLIR T640A professional camera offering expert thermal inspection capabilites for the most demanding of predictive maintenance applications. Maximum 640 x 480 pixel resolution (307200 pixels), 0.035°C sensitivity & measurement range up to 2000°C provides a stae-of-the-art thermal camera.

FLIR T440This professional T400 series thermal camera offers 320 x 240 pixel resolution and a massive temperature range up to 1200°C for a wide range of industrial applications. With extended thermal analysis tools the FLIR T440 is ideal for rapid image processing and reporting.

FLIR E5Easy to use thermal camera that provides users with the ability to scan large areas and quickly locate faults and potential problem areas. This kit includes a FREE Thermal Accessory package worth over £100.00. The E5 is equipped with advanced features normally associated with more expensive models.

FLIR E6Ideal for inspecting electrical and HVAC systems, the E6 provides high performance thermal imaging at an affordable price. Simple operation and clear results make it the perfect choice for entry-level users while features including MSX imaging and picture-in-picture will suit more advanced users.

FLIR E8Providing superb image quality and high thermal accuracy, the FLIR E8 is a powerful thermal inspection toll that can be used in a range of applications including building surveys. Packed with advanced features, including MSX imaging, picture-in-picture and hold & cold spot recognition.

FLIR T660FLIR's top of the range Thermal Camera, with 640x480 resolution, unique MSX® and UltraMAX™ technology and thermal accuracy of +/- 1% with radiometric video recording.

FLIR C2Pocket-sized compact thermal camera, capturing full radiometric thermal images with MSX® technology and a touch screen interface

FLIR Scout II 320 Thermal Handheld Camera
FLIR Scout II 320 Thermal Handheld CameraDetect heat signatures from up to 550m away (based on man-sized target), suitable for tracking wildlife & humans in a range of environments. Features a 19mm fixed focus lens and a 336 x 265 VOx microbolometer thermal detector

FLIR Scout II 240 Thermal Handheld Camera
FLIR Scout II 240 Thermal Handheld CameraDetect heat signatures at up to 350m away (based on man-sized target), ideal for tracking wildlife & humans in a range of environments. Features a 13mm fixed focus lens and a 336 x 265 VOx microbolometer thermal detector

FLIR TG165Combined Thermal Imaging Camera and Spot Thermometer, allowing you to see heat issues instantly on its 2" LCD display. Lightweight, small and portable.

FLIR E4Entry-level thermal imaging camera that provides an accurate thermal overview of the desired subject. Complete with advanced image analysis features.

Chauvin Arnoux 1950 Diacam2 Thermal Camera
Chauvin Arnoux 1950 Diacam2 Thermal CameraThis sturdy thermal camera has fixed focus and an 80 x 80 pixel thermals sensor which produces a consistent, clear image on its 2.5" colour screen. The user has a choice of palettes and a digital camera is integrated to take parallel visible-light pictures. Another plus is the 13-hour battery life.
Testo 875-1i
Testo 875-1iThe Testo 875-1i has a range of features and benefits including an improved thermal sensitivity, an inbuilt digital camera with laser pointer and an extended temperature range. Complete with 160 x 120 resolution this is an ideal camera for heating and plumbing engineers.
Testo 875-2i
Testo 875-2iThe Testo 875-2i has a range of improved features including: Thermal sensitivity 50mK, image refresh rate 33Hz, laser pointer and increased temperature range -20°C to 350°C.
Testo 875-2i Thermal Camera Kit
Testo 875-2i Thermal Camera KitThe Testo 875-2i Professional Kit includes: The acclaimed Testo 875-2i, Telephoto Lens 9°x7°, additional battery, Sun Shield, Lens protector & Fast battery charger!
Testo 882
Testo 882High resolution 320 x 240 pixel thermal camera ideal for quickly spotting weaknesses and anomalies. Complete with high sensitivity for detecting the smaller temperature differences required in HVAC applications.
FLIR T460FLIR's top of the range T400 series thermal camera, incorporating their patented MSX and UltraMAX technology. Features a maximum thermal accuracy at +/- 1% and 320x240 thermal resolution.