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Building Diagnostics:

Infrared thermography for the building industry provides the quickest method for performing building diagnostics, energy audits, detecting moisture damage and locating issues with the HVAC and electrical installations of a building. A thermal camera is capable of scanning and capturing an overview of the whole building, offering infrared images that clearly identify where the problem areas are for quick and accurate building diagnosis.

FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Low Energy Housing 
FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Underfloor Heating
FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Walls and Facades
FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Poor Insulation Issues 
FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Leaking Swimming Pool

Car Manufacturing:
Car assembly lines have to keep running all the time. No breakdown, no downtime. It can cost companies £100,000's daily if errors go unnoticed and production stops. To ensure the seamless operation of professional Car assembly lines. Predictive maintenance and regular thermal surveys/inspections help spot problems before they arise. Maintenance can be scheduled for evening shifts or quieter times. This improves efficiency, safety, helps to avoid breakdowns and minimizes downtime.

Fiat Assembly Line FIAT Assembly line 
BMW Production BMW Production

Electrical & Mechanical:

Thermal imaging cameras for industrial applications are powerful tools that provide a non-invasive method of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of electrical and mechanical installations and components. With a thermal camera it is possible to quickly and accurately scan an entire surface or area and instantly gain a visual representation of the thermal condition and temperature distribution of the object under inspection.

FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Water Treatment Plant
FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Low - Medium Voltage Distribution
FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Utilities Power Failures 
FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Fuse Blocks & Capacitor Banks

Hospital & Operation room (HVAC):
In hospitals climate control is of critical importance, to ensure both hygiene and comfort for the patients and personnel. That is why the technical staff of a Swedish hospital, has acquired a FLIR thermal imaging camera to inspect and maintain the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. Sometimes operations require different ambient temperatures. And a close control of air circulation is an obvious necessity to prevent contamination with airborne pathogens. We therefore regularly check and closely monitor the HVAC systems of the operation rooms with a thermal imaging camera.

FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Hospital Ventilation

Iron & Steel Production:
Iron & Steel production is a long, powerful, energy-intensive chain of processes. If something goes wrong, the whole chain is blocked, usually with unpredictable and dangerous consequences for workforce and infrastructure. Regular Predictive maintenance & Thermal surveys help to keep production running smoothly. Thermal Imaging Cameras are a contactless and reliable tool, thermal cameras provide temperature readings across an entire surface area instead of just at a few single points. In addition, thermal cameras allow workers to spot potential problems faster, safer and easier and avert unscheduled shutdowns and failures.

FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Steel Production
FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Steel Works
FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Iron & Steel Works

Nuclear Safety:
Thermal Camera technology has numerous advantages. It can be used when the Nuclear powerplant is running. There is no need for a costly shutdown. Furthermore, thermography is unbeatable when it comes to having a rapid overall picture. It gives you a quick and total overview of the situation and the problem can be clearly located on the infrared image. And as we all know, a picture is worth a thousands words.

FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Nuclear Safety

Predictive Maintenance:
Thermal imaging is the fastest growing predictive maintenance technology on the market today. It is simply the only technology that allows you to immediately ‘see’ what’s wrong. Without predictive maintenance inspections companies are forced to use a method called preventive maintenance. This means that every piece of equipment is replaced in regular intervals to prevent breakdowns. But in many cases pieces of equipment are replaced before their time, just to be on the safe side.

FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Predictive Maintenance
FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Ship Predictive Maintenance

Veterinary & Medical:
The major benefits of using a thermal imaging camera for equine and veterinary applications are that it provides a real-time visualisation of the animals’ physiology, allowing changes and anomalies to be detected as they happen and often before they cause damage or injury.

FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Pandemic Alerts / Mass Screening 
FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Airport Viral disease control 
FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Elevated Body Temperature Alarms 
FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Reducing Animal Stress 
FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Equestrian Sports 
FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Helps Veterinarians

Wood Processing & Tree Surgeons:
Infrared cameras detect heat energy and, as such, see through fog, steam, smoke and other obscurants. By using ThermoVision™ IR cameras, several major North American plywood manufacturers have implemented systems that allow crane operators to see through steam and maintain optimal productivity. Thermal Imaging technology is ideal as it is the only non-invasive method that can distinguish between living and damaged tree tissues. It is also 100 to 1000 times quicker than other techniques at providing the necessary information. Because it’s so fast, it’s highly cost effective. We can provide detailed health appraisals of the trunks and branches of up to 100 trees in a single day.

FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Plywood & Veneer Production
FLIR T250 Thermal Imaging Camera Tree Surgeons & Forest Managment