ITC Category 1 Thermography Training Course

The ITC Category 1 Thermography Training Course is designed specifically for beginners in thermography with some experience of handling a thermal camera.

The course will teach you the basics of infrared, how to operate a thermal imaging camera under different conditions and how to use it to identify potential faults and hazards.

The Category 1 course begins with theory sections on heat and infrared to provide you with a basic understanding of how to use your thermal camera in the field and how to recognise thermal patterns.

Attendees will have the opportunity to perform measurements on real-life lab equipment and learn how and when to use qualitative or quantitative thermography. You will also receive an introduction to inspection routines and reporting principles.

This course can be taken as the first step in becoming a professional thermographer or as a way of providing you with the knowledge and confidence to perform thermal inspections following written guidelines and to report your findings.

ITC Category 1 Course Outline:
  • Applications including electrical, mechanical, building, medical and R&D.
  • Explanation of camera operation and how the camera converts radiation into an image.
  • Heat and measurement, contact versus non-contact temperature measurement.
  • How radiation is converted into temperature and an introduction to heat transfer. 
  • Theory relating to conduction, convection, radiation, blackbodies, transmission emissivity, reflectivity & calibration.
  • Practical demonstration of these heat transfer modes with follow up theory.
  • Atmospheric & environmental considerations including distance, humidity, air temp and reflected apparent temperature.
  • Temperature definition and measurement, thermodynamics, heat and temperature, heat transfer, conduction, convection and radiation. 
  • A look at cross hair measurement, area box/circle, colour alarms and specific dew point and insulation alarms.
  • Camera practice using portable simulated labs, integration of images with reporting software and creation of reports.

Suitable For:

  • Beginners in thermography
  • Thermal camera users
  • Those who want to become a professional thermographer
  • Electrical and mechanical predictive maintenance teams
  • Building diagnostics and energy efficiency professionals
  • Electricians and plumbers

Entry Requirements:

  • Be familiar with basic thermal imaging camera operation
  • Have experience within thermography

Qualification Gained:

  • Become a Certified Category 1 Thermographer

Dates & Venues - 2019:

  • 28th January, Watford (4 Days)
  • 4th February, Maynooth, Ireland (4 Days)
  • 4th February, Lymm Cheshire (4 Days)
  • 25th February, Cardiff (4 Days)
  • 18th March, Nottingham (4 Days)
  • 25th March, West Malling, Kent (4 Days)
  • 29th April, Fareham (4 Days)
  • 20th May, Stockton on Tees (4 Days)
  • 17th June, Lymm, Cheshire (4 Days)
  • 24th June, Bristol TBC (4 Days)
  • 1st July, West Malling, Kent (4 Days)
  • 2nd September, Maynooth, Ireland (4 Days)
  • 16th September, Stockton on Tees (4 Days)
  • 23rd September, Nottingham (4 Days)
  • 28th October, Lymm, Cheshire (4 Days)
  • 18th November, Cardiff (4 Days)
  • 25th November, Kirkcaldy, Scotland (4 Days)
  • 9th December, West Malling, Kent (4 Days)
Course Price:
  • Premium Training Package - Includes a TG165 imaging spot meter, 1 years free subscription to ITC online training and ITC InfraMation conference proceedings: £1725 +VAT
  • Standard Package: £1410 +VAT (4 Day Course) or £1600 +VAT (5 Day Course)