ITC Category 2 Thermography Training Course

The ITC Category 2 Thermography Course allows thermographers who have already achieved a Category 1 qualification to advance their knowledge of infrared physics, thermal science, thermal cameras and IR theory.

An introduction covering certification levels, procedures and related standards is followed by a review of a basic thermal camera user interface, including operational tips and the key elements to getting a good infrared image.

The theory covered in the ITC Category 2 training course includes applied radiometrics, heat transfer principles and spatial resolution, ensuring that attendees come away with a much better understanding of thermography and its applications.

As a Category 2 Thermographer you will be qualified to provide advice and guidance to any Category 1 personnel or those who are complete beginners to infrared analysis.

Advanced practical exercises and discussions about the participants’ professional experiences and cases from the field are also a part of the course, as are lab exercises that allow you to solve real world problems.

The Category 2 Thermography Course also covers the use of software for image analysis and professional reporting procedures.

ITC Category 2 Course Outline:
  • Reinforce concepts from the Category 1 Course.
  • Heat Transfer Theory, convection, conduction and radiation.
  • Blackbodies, emissivity & scientific laws
  • Optical filters, optical materials, anti-reflective coatings.
  • Atmospheric transmission and attenuation.
  • Detector technologies and calibration.
  • Details of different thermal imaging camera parameters including, NETD, IFOV, MFOV
  • IR window measurement formulae, spectral transmittance of different materials.
  • Transient Thermographic methods analyzed.
  • Experience the latest in infrared inspection report generation and database software.

Suitable For:

  • Thermographers holding a Category 1 certificate
  • Professional thermographers looking to increase their knowledge of IR thermography
Entry Requirements:
  • Hold a valid Category 1 Thermography certificate
  • Prepare a case study to be presented at the Category 2 course (details of which will be issued 2-3 weeks prior to course start date).

Qualification Gained:

  • Become a Certified Category 2 Thermographer
Dates & Venues 2019:
  • 8th July, FLIR Office, Kent (5 Days)
  • 2nd December, FLIR Office, Kent (5 Days)
Course Price: £1715+VAT