ITC Introduction to Thermography Training Course

The ITC Introduction to Thermography Training Course is a full one day course designed to educate beginners in thermography and provide hands-on experience with a thermal camera. It is also available with focus on electrical or building thermography.

Ideal for those who would like to become familiar with their camera and also learn the basics of infrared thermography and its applications. In particular this is the perfect course for those who have purchased an entry-level thermal cameras.

This introduction course covers general thermography theory including applications in the real world. In addition, attendees have a chance to practice using their thermal imaging camera in different situations under the guidance of professional thermographers.

After an overview on electrical & industrial inspections, you will perform a minimum of 3 key lab experiments including emissivity, influence of angle on measurements and influence of object size on the measurement. An introduction will also be provided to the method of accurately documenting and reporting your findings.

Course Outline:

  • Basics of thermography theory
  • Emissivity and reflected apparent temperature
  • Electrical and industrial inspections
  • Camera operation, software and testing
  • 2 hours of operation and lab experiments

Introduction to Electrical and Industrial Thermography also includes: Basics of heat transfer, electrical and industrial systems, important properties of materials, common problems, case studies, common mistakes and application guidelines.

Introduction to Building Thermography also includes: Basics of heat transfer, the building envelope, important physical parameters, major anomalies, thermal patterns and building application guidelines.

Suitable For:

  • Beginners to thermography
  • Owners of an entry-level thermal camera
  • Electricians and plumbers

Entry Requirements:

  • A basic technical understanding of thermography and infrared camera operation

Qualification Gained:

  • No formal certification, a Diploma of Attendance can be obtained

Dates and Venues 2019

  • Dates TBC

Course Price: £285+VAT