Thermal Camera Hire

Here at Thermal Camera we pride ourselves on meeting all our customer's needs by offering a range of high quality infrared cameras for hire. We have IR cameras available for both short and long term hire so that you only pay for the unit for the time that you require it, an ideal option if you have a one off thermal inspection to carry out but don't want the costs of buying a brand new camera.

An additional benefit is that you are able to "try before you buy" and get a hands-on feel for the unit that you are interested in, allowing you to make an informed decision on the most suitable camera for your desired application. Whether you are performing a thermal evaluation of a building, inspecting high voltage connections or investigating mechanical/electrical systems we have the perfect thermal camera for you. 

All Thermal Hire Cameras have the ability to store and download images to an internal SD card and include a USB download facility. All camera images can be downloaded into FLIR Tools freeware software or Testo Software.

Please phone 0113 236 0977 to book.


Flir E4 Thermal camera hire

FLIR E4 (80 x 60 resolution)
3 day hire: £85.00

7 day hire: £125.00

This lightweight handheld entry level new E series camera is an ideal hire unit for a first time user. Offering 80 x 60 pixel resolution and a fixed focus this camera would be ideal for less demanding thermal surveys. Simply focus in on the target and shoot, the camera will save both the thermal and digital image simultaneously to an SD card. 

FLIR now include a 45 degree field of view beneficial when the target is close and space is limited. Alongside lens improvements this camera has a wide thermal range of -20 to 250 degrees and comes with MSX as standard.

Flir i5 Thermal camera hire

FLIR E5 (120 x 90 resolution)
3 day hire: £95.00

7 day hire: £145.00

The FLIR E5 continues the ease of use available on FLIR’s latest edition of Thermal cameras. With a 120 x 90 Thermal resolution this camera is versatile enough to be used on a variety of applications. The E5 is extremely sensitive down to < 0.10°C thus granting it the ability to take images suitable for electrical, heating and plumbing inspections.

The camera takes Thermal and digital images simultaneously, pairing them within the playback menu. This feature ensures an engineer can quickly reference the exact problematic area in any situation. This intermediate camera is a good choice for an engineer looking for higher quality images and more flexible measurement functions.

Flir E4 Thermal camera hire

FLIR E6 (160 x 120 resolution)
3 day hire: £135.00

7 day hire: £195.00

The E6 Thermal Camera is feature rich with a specification that will benefit beginners and experienced thermographers alike. The camera has a 160 x 120 pixel resolution and advanced thermal analysis features.

The major benefit to this model is that although the specification is high this is combined with a simplistic easy to navigate and easy to adjust measurement system. Measurement adjustment is key to any serious thermographer, with this is mind FLIR have included an area display with min/max measurement and hot and cold spot recognition with colour alarms. The camera has an improved thermal sensitivity down to < 0.06°C allowing for the kind of accurate measurements often required on HVAC and plumbing applications.

Flir E4 Thermal camera hire

FLIR E8 (320 x 240 resolution)
3 day hire: £175.00

7 day hire: £245.00

The E8 is the highest resolution model available within FLIR’s new E series range of cameras at an impressive 320 x 240 pixels. FLIR have retained the simple user interface while offering powerful imaging capabilities and advanced analysis features. Higher resolution and thermal sensitivity down to < 0.06°C provides versatility across a multitude of applications ranging from electrical and HVAC inspections to building surveys. The 45 degree field of view will ensure you are able to capture everything required within your building survey.

In addition, the E8 has hot and cold spot recognition modes where areas that fall above or below a user defined temperature threshold are clearly highlighted on the image, particularly useful for alerting overheating components on electrical circuits and blocked or broken pipes.

FLIR E50bx (240 x 180 resolution)
3 day hire: £195.00

7 day hire: £265.00

The FLIR E50bx is a highly sensitive thermal inspection camera that is ideal for performing building surveys, allowing energy loss to be visualised along with moisture and dew point detection.
Simple point and shoot operation allows thermal images to be quickly displayed on the high quality display while added features such as thermal fusion, picture in picture and built in wi-fi connectivity allow detailed images and reports to be quickly generated and communicated to clients and colleagues alike. If you decide to buy a thermal camera from us within 30 days of your completed hire period, we will refund 100% of your initial fee.
FLIR E60 Thermal Inspection Camera HIre

FLIR E60 (320 x 240 resolution)
3 day hire: £225.00
7 day hire: £295.00

This top of the range infrared camera is a powerful thermal analysis and inspection tool, ideally equipped for predictive maintenance of electrical and HVAC installations. The FLIR E60 camera offers a high 320 x 240 IR resolution and 0.05°C thermal sensitivity to provide images that are extremely detailed and full of accurate temperature information.

The E60 also has Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing it to wirelessly transfer images to mobile devices like an Apple iPhone or iPad for further analysis and reporting. With features like thermal fusion and picture in picture, the FLIR E60 is a high performance imager for in the field thermal maintenance and efficiency overviews. If you decide to buy a thermal camera from us within 30 days of your completed hire period, we will refund 100% of your initial fee.

FLIR E75 (320 x 240 resolution)
with 24˚ Lens
3 day hire: £225.00

7 day hire: £295.00
Add £95.00 for additional 14˚ or 42˚ lens

The FLIR E75 has a 320 x 240 pixel infrared thermal sensor which measures surface temperature between -20˚C and 650˚C with accuracy of ±2˚C or ±2% and thermal sensitivity of 30mK. The maximum field of view is 42˚ although lens options of 14˚, 24˚ and 42˚ are also available.

The camera is designed to be used for checking for moisture leaks, mould and problems in HVAC systems as well as structural issues around buildings. Advanced connectivity - including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - open up possibilities such as wireless data transfer to smart devices and integration with various FLIR test and measurement meters. 

FLIR E95 (464 x 348 resolution)
with 24˚ Lens
3 day hire: £295.00

7 day hire: £395.00
Add £95.00 for additional 14˚ or 42˚ lens.

The FLIR E95 is the top-of-the-range model in FLIR’s Exx line of building survey cameras and is the ideal instrument for performing inspections of mould, leaks, insulation and other structural issues thanks to its high-grade thermal capabilities. It’s 464 x 348 pixel thermal sensor measures surface temperature from -20˚C to 1500˚C using infrared technology. Excellent thermal sensitivity (30mK) means that tiny temperature differences, including those caused by an air leak, can be shown on the vibrant colour screen and results are accurate to within ±2˚C or 2%.

A time lapse function allows the E95 to observe a building over the course of 24 hours in order to pick up on any intermittent issues and wireless connectivity to the user’s smart device means that transferring data is swift and easy. It is also possible to connect with test and measurement instruments over Bluetooth in order to add quantitive information to the images and video recorded using the thermal imager. Three lens options are available: 14˚, 24˚ and 42˚.

FLIR T460 Hire

FLIR T460 (320 x 240 resolution)
3 day hire: £295.00

7 day hire: £395.00

The T460 is suitable for almost all predictive maintenance and surveying applications (M&E, Industrial, Building and Renewables). An incredibly versatile thermal imaging camera, the T460 captures highly detailed thermal images with its 320x240 thermal resolution and provides accurate temperature data with an accuracy of +/- 1% or 1°C.

The T460 incorporates FLIR's MSX® Technology which underlays the digital image underneath the thermal image and thus providing visual detail and definition to the thermal image. 

FLIR T540 (320 x 240 resolution)
with 24˚ Lens
3 day hire: £495.00

7 day hire: £645.00
Add £95 for additional for 14˚ or 42˚ lens.

With a sophisticated rotating optical block, the FLIR T540 is suitable for professionals who work on power distribution systems, power generation centres, and manufacturing plants. The thermal resolution is 464 x 348 pixels and sensitivity of 30mK means that temperature variations of just 30mK can be shown on screen. Measurements and accurate to within ±2˚C or 2% and the range goes from -20˚C to 1500˚C so the T540 is an ideal instrument across a range of industries.

Advanced connectivity options on the FLIR T540 include Wi-Fi which allows the wireless data transfer to a smart device whilst Bluetooth can be used to connect with FLIR test and measurement equipment, thereby adding quantitive readings to thermal images and video. Voice annotations can be added to files in order to record any observations during an inspection and files can also be stamped with a location tag thanks to the in-built GPS. Three lens options (14˚, 24˚ & 42˚) are available for this camera.

FLIR T660 Hire

FLIR T660 (640 x 480 resolution)
3 day hire: £645.00

7 day hire: £945.00

The FLIR T660 Thermal Imager represents the pinnacle of the thermal imaging camera market, boasting the highest performance and latest technology currently available.

With excellent camera ergonomics and an easy-to-use interface, the T660 captures superior thermal images with a 640 x 480 thermal resolution and provides incredibly accurate temperature data with an accuracy of +/- 1% or 1°C (within a limited temperature range). The T660 is the ideal choice for thermal video recording with Radiometric video recording (CSQ) to memory card.

CorDEX TC7000 Hire

CorDEX TC7000 (320 x 240 resolution)
3 day hire: £595.00

7 day hire: £895.00

Designed for use in hazardous environments where there’s a significant risk of explosion, the CorDEX TC7000 Intrinsically Safe Thermal Imaging Camera features ATEX & IECEx certification and is ideal for carrying out thermographic surveys in dangerous environments, including underground mines, sugar production and the petrochemical industry.

Designed to be durable in harsh or dangerous environments, the CorDEX TC7000 provides high-quality thermal images with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, allowing users to easily identify differences in temperature and store them voice annotations, aiding diagnosis and analysis.

FLIR PS32 Scout Thermal Handheld Camera

FLIR PS32 Scout (320 x 240 resolution)
3 day hire: £95.00

7 day hire: £125.00

Designed for detecting heat signatures in outdoor locations at either night time, day time, low visibilty or harsh weather conditions, the FLIR PS32 Scout can easily detect heat signatures up to 450 metres away.

With a great variety of uses, the FLIR PS32 Scout is perfect for detecting lost or injured pets, tracking animals, trespassers, intruders or even search and rescue operations.

The FLIR PS32 Scout is water tight with an IP67 rating, giving an outdoor user ultimate peace of mind. The P32 Scout features a 19mm single telescope style viewfinder and has been ergonomically designed with all buttons within easy reach. It also has a 5 second start up time perfect for individuals who need to capture targets quickly and accurately. The FLIR SCOUT PS32 gives an individual the upper hand showing exactly what cannot be ordinarily seen by the human eye.

  All prices exclude carriage at £10.00 and VAT at 20%