Thermal Training Courses

Infrared Training Centre for thermography training coursesWe offer a number of Thermal Training Courses at venues throughout the UK, suitable for thermographers of all levels, in conjunction with the ITC (Infrared Training Centre). The ITC is the leading source of knowledge within infrared science and offers the world’s leading infrared training and thermographer certification programs. The Category 1 to 3 Thermography Courses prepare you for qualification as an accredited thermographer, allowing you to learn about infrared physics, camera technology and thermographic applications. We also offer a short 1 day Introduction to Thermography, providing attendees with the basics of IR theory, applications, thermal camera operation and software usage.

ITC Short Course Introduction to Thermography (1 day): £285+VAT (view course details)

This ITC Training Course is a full one day course ideal for users of entry-level cameras such as the FLIR i-series range, offering a basic understanding of infrared technology and its applications through theory based learning and hands-on practice.

ITC Category 1 Thermography Course (4 days): £1410+VAT (view course details)

The Category 1 Infrared Thermography Training Course is ideal for users new to the world of infrared cameras and focuses on the variety of uses of thermal inspections for predictive maintenance. ITC Category 1 Certification is achieved upon the successful completion of a written exam at the end of the course.

ITC Category 2 Thermography Course (5 days): £1715+VAT (view course details)

The Category 2 Infrared Thermography Training Course allows you to build on the knowledge gained on the Category 1 ITC course. This course focuses on improving your predictive maintenance thermography expertise through more advanced infrared training. ITC Category 2 Thermographer Certification is gained upon the successful completion of a written exam and assessed field assignment.