Infrared Thermometers

Non Contact Infrared thermometers measure surface temperatures by using a non contact method which allows you to measure temperature at a distance, safely. Object surfaces emit thermal radiation, sometimes its called blackbody radiation and this is converted to a displayed temperature. Some people call these type of Infra red thermometers:, Laser Thermometers, Temperature Guns, Thermal Radiation Thermometers, Non Contact Thermometers, Spot Infrared Thermometers, IR Thermometer and Radiation Thermometers. Some of our Infrared thermometers have Laser pointers to help identify what part of the object the Laser thermometer is aiming at. The meters are all more accurate if the surface emissivity is known.


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TMPV-IR50 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
TMPV-IR50 Non-Contact Infrared ThermometerMeasures up to 550°C for performing non-contact temperature measurements on electrical and mechanical components, allowing the quick location of hot spots.
Extech 42509 Non-Contact IR Thermometer
Extech 42509 Non-Contact IR ThermometerQuickly detect hot spots and potential faults within electrical and mechanical installations with this infra-red thermometer that also offers adjustable emissivity.
Extech 42570 High Temperature IR Thermometer
Extech 42570 High Temperature IR ThermometerThis non-contact thermometer offers a wide IR temperature range up to 2200°C with 1% accuracy and a fast response time for capturing temperature spikes when locating hot spots.
Extech VIR50 Video IR Thermometer
Extech VIR50 Video IR ThermometerThis unique Infrared Thermometer has a built-in camera that allows image capture and video recording while performing temperature measurements. Upload images and videos to a PC for further analysis and documentation.